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I've scoured the internet and found a plethora of information on how to prepare for a shoot. I was fortunate enough to find www.JoeEdelman.com.* Joe is a really great photographer out of Allentown, Pennsylvania whose work I aspire to. He has some great advice based on his years working with some top models, agencies, and publications. With permission, he's allowed me to link to the relevant pages on his site. You'll find them below. Even if you're not a model, you'll find this is good advice if you're having photos done for any occasion!

Preparation Prior to the Shoot
Do you know how to pose? Are you charasmatic? It's not enough to be pretty. It takes a lot of hard work and like anything in life, you 'll have to be practice to be successful. Here are some considerations – don't let them be an afterthought! Joe's article nicely breaks down the preparation process from the days before to the day of your shoot.

Exercising Your Face
Anyone who wants to perfect their craft will put in the time and effort to become better. They say "practice makes perfect." As a model, you should adhere to this adage too. Find out how to make the mirror part of your modeling workout regimen.

Remembering What to Do the Day of the Shoot
Professionalism is important if you want to be a working model. While it's important to have fun on the shoot, you have to remember that modeling is work.

Is Your Shoot in The Bag?
It pays to be a good girl scout on a photo shoot. What do I mean by that? Be prepared! This article covers what you should have in your bag when you go on a photo shoot.

Choosing Your Outfit for the Shoot
Though you have discussed with the photographer what you should be wearing, this article will educate you on what to wear – and what not to wear! Be the "complete package" for your photo shoot.

*"Joe [Edelman] is known nationally for his work with new models entering the commercial modeling industry. Working strictly in digital formats, his work has been published in Shape Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Maxim. He has done assignments for The New York Times and Los Angeles Times and he has established himself as one of the foremost authorities on portfolio development for models and is often used as a source for television stories as well as newspaper and magazine articles on the subject." - courtesy joeedelman.com

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