Phillip "Phil" Natividad is the owner and proprietor of Harmony Fotohouse & Creative. Even as a young child, Phil had been fascinated by the visual arts and creating. Eventually he went on to the University of Manitoba, and then studied graphic design at Red River College. For close to a decade, he plied his trade as a graphic designer at a Winnipeg agency before embarking on an adventure in Japan as an English teacher. He recounts his time in the Land of the Rising Sun as an amazing period of learning not only about the world and his adopted home, but about himself.

Phil had always dabbled in photography, but while living in Japan, he became more enamored with the craft and technology of the art, and invested in his first digital SLR. Though he had been well acquainted with digital manipulation from his time at the agency, he resolved to dedicate himself to making himself more technically proficient with the camera; Phil had succumbed to the photography bug, and had found a new portal to the world around him. He returned to his hometown invigorated and with a renewed sense of what he wanted to do.

"I appreciate that there is a certain vulnerability when I take someone's photo; even the staid portrait is an invitation into someone's soul. I also believe that good photographs tell a story, and short of our memories which can sometimes fail us, the photograph is the purest and most accessible record of particular spaces in time. This validates photography and I feel like the onus is on me as a photographer to interpret, record, and present those moments as best as I can. I relish the challenge," Phil says.

As Phil continues his evolution as a photographer, he also continues his commitment to taking your next favorite picture! He brings to this incarnation of himself as a photographer a graphic designer's eye for composition and detail, an appreciation for outside-the-box thinking, and an inclination towards doing what is right for people who want and need good photography.

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